Photo Booth

My photo booth took place in my vista neighborhood on March 9th, 2019. I set up the American flag as my backdrop and I asked my neighbors to take part in this photo shoot. I tried to make my backdrop mobile so that I could bring my shoot to their home and take the photos outside of their garages. I found this to be easier because I felt like I wasn’t asking them to walk to my house for the shoot. I live in a cul-de-sac, but I don’t personally know a lot of my neighbors. This activity made me step out of my comfort zone to talk to people that are in my community and get to know them a little better. I would either go door to door asking them to participate in this photo shoot or I would catch them coming home from school or work. Most of my neighbors were very willing to take part in this activity. After I explained to them what is was for, they seemed to support me. Although many were willing, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have to do some convincing at first. Many of the moms didn’t want their photos to be taken. They would complain about their appearance, but I would just try and make them laugh. I did have many people ask me in to their homes which was kind of them but for safety reasons, I would decline. I would just tell them that for the project, I needed to photograph them outside in their front yard. I did have one family that I knew well enough to feel comfortable stepping foot in their home. They insisted their photos be taken inside because they wanted their cat to be apart of one photo (which is not shown because of the poor quality). As a photographer I found it very difficult to say no to people. Even though I wanted most of my photos to take place outside, I couldn’t say no to this family. I ended up setting the flag up against their sliding door and using that as the backdrop. The mom didn’t want her face to be shown so she just drank her wine to hide her face. This was the most difficult to shoot because their lights in their home were so yellow that I had to keep adjusting my ISO and shutter speed to make the photos clear and not so yellow. Overall, I enjoyed this activity even though it was weird at first, meeting my neighbors and interacting with them was fun and I’m so happy that everyone took part in this photo shoot.

2 thoughts on “Photo Booth

  1. Aww these are so sweet. I really lke/respect the fact that you went to them instead, I’m sure that probably helped a lot! Great job!


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