MOPA Museum

I visited the MOPA museum in Balboa park on Sunday April 14th. I was excited to visit this museum because I have never been to Balboa Park. When I first walked into the exhibit I first noticed the interactive camera to the left of the front desk. So many people were standing in front of it testing out the technology and how one camera can make lots of tiny photographs. I walked over to the Australian’s defining place/space art. I was so drawn to the 4 main photographs because of the details that were in each of them. I loved how there were flying saucers, giant animals, humans riding animals, laser beams and pure mayhem. They were so out there and like nothing I have seen before that I just sat and admired how they could fit so many elements, people, actions, expressions, and animals in one photo. I was excited to see what the rest of the images were. I saw the first collection of artists and was not as interested in their work. In particular Axel Poignant’s photo of a man standing in the kitchen looking off to the side. I didn’t understand the meaning, nor the expression. These photos didn’t make me question anything which I like when I look at art. I like to view an image and be taken back with the details, emotion, creativity, etc. to really make me think about the piece which is what Polly Borland did for me. Her photographs caught my eye immediately. Her images made me feel uncomfortable in a good way. I was trying to understand what her message behind these human stockings. I loved her color palette choice with the red pop of color and the stockings that mimicked skin. It was a little sexual in one, but I believe it made it beautiful. I was also drawn to Trent Parke’s images. He took photos of people on street corners and made them black and white. I love how he pixelated the photos and made the images blurry. Normally I like clear and bright art, but his photos worked for me. You can tell they are people, but you can’t see their facial features. He was my inspiration for my sunglasses photograph. You can see that it’s a person’s face but who? That doesn’t matter because the photograph is portraying a beautiful landscape seen through his eyes. I also liked Polexeni Papapetrou’s photos. They were bright and colorful and he was my inspiration for my port-a-potty photograph. The flowers surrounding something beautiful like a person’s face was one of his photos. Therefore, I thought I would use that with a twist and put something ugly and not beautiful such as a port-a-potty in the middle of blooming flowers. Moffait was also another inspiration photography for me. One image was of a motorcycle rider looking out into the ocean at a boat. I used this as a guide to photograph my dog staring down a seagull.

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