Robert Mapplethorpe

After watching the Robert Mapplethorpe’s documentary I didn’t realize that there was a line between what pornography is and what fine art is. His decision to express naked individuals in ways that would not normally be excepted in the 80’s was interesting to me. During that time period it was seen as not acceptable to have these images be art. Regardless of society’s standards of art, Robert wanted to fully challenge that idea and push his audience into seeing fine art in a different light. I fully respect him for following his passion and not being mainstream. He also suggested that his art is not pornography because porn is physical and fine art is not. The images didn’t make me uncomfortable because it’s the human body. What made me uncomfortable was some things he paid with the organs such as the devil. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and Robert is an amazing artist for not photographing what was “normal” and creating his own fine art.

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