Letters To a Young Artist

While reading the short letters, I came to realize that so many of them I could relate to. Anna Smith wrote about her life and experiences with acting but she used her personal stories as lessons to us artists that we all struggle with the same things. The book gave me insight about myself in terms of qualities that all artists share. For example, confidence, presence, self-esteem, discipline, failure, faith, and my identity. I realized that each one of these chapters made me feel like my surroundings, circumstances, lifestyle, and my inner strengths can either make me or break me. I can chose to portray these things in my art as a representation of what i’m going through at that time in my life, or use it as a getaway from my reality. I learned that art is so powerful and it can be relate-able to someone else who views it. For example, when I photograph my desert trips I tend to focus on the fun and adventurous side. If I were to photograph the negatives that happen such as, a flat tire, someone crashed, or your bike doesn’t run and I show these photos to not only the off-road community but anyone…I know that many other people can relate. I’m sure many people have experienced a flat tire, maybe not in the same way but they have either seen it on the side of the road or had to face the problem themselves. By doing this, my audience of my photography can have a memory that can be associated with my art. Also, I really related to the chapter “Art and Reality” because it made me step back and understand that although these two subjects may contrast, they also have many things in common. I now understand that art is in the eye of the beholder. If one person looks at a painting and feels a certain way, another person might interpret it differently which I think makes art amazing. No matter what form of art it may be a painting, photograph, sculpture, or video each person can see that form of art differently. Art can be used in so many ways and this book has taught me that even though each artist is different, that we can all come together at the end of it and relate to each other.

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