Be an artist, right now!

During this Ted talk, Young-ha mentions your artistic side representing the devil and that’s why many of us don’t express this side of us anymore. I agree with his point of view. It’s like our outside influences of others affect us to the point that we are afraid of what others think and we no longer play with our inner artist. I remember when I made my first short film or movie with my gopro. I was so proud of myself and the footage that I posted it on my youtube channel. I noticed that it didn’t get nearly as many views or likes that I thought it would so I ended up deleting it. I thought that views and likes of others were validation that my video was good. I came to realize that screw what others think! I believe my video is awesome and I should be proud of the hours I spent filming and editing it. The devil for me was society around me and if they didn’t respond like I thought they would to my art, then I would think it’s not good enough or worthy. Young-ha is right and I should just let my inner artist come out regardless of the devil I feel.

One thought on “Be an artist, right now!

  1. This is so true. I stoped doing anything artistic after years of ridicule, for my topics, by my family. I wish I had flown away from those people and their criticzim way before I did. You need to be you, and you need to do you, for your art to be crediable.


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