Everybody Street

This film made me question and think more about the art of photographing. Being a photographer means your putting yourself in the middle of the scene you are trying to capture. This sometimes can come with consequences such as being exposed with violence, criminals, drugs, guns, and the emotions that follow. The New York scene is filled with many cultural differences with poverty, wealth, struggles, successes, and the everyday hustle and bustle that photographers love to capture. My favorite photographer in this film was Martha because her style revolved around children. The children she captured were playing in the streets, laying in garbage, and kids building things with the materials they had available to them. This film also made me question digital photography. Jill had mentioned that “A picture is a picture no matter what tool you use”, and I agree with her. I understand that the digital world makes everything instant now and anyone can take photos in this day and age. I believe that’s the art of digital photography now, is that anyone can capture a moment in time that they can cherish forever. The film also made me respect photographers that still use film because of the process it takes to produce the photo. You don’t get to view your image immediately and that’s the art of it, that you have to wait until you develop your film to see if you captured the desired shot.

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