Semester Overview

The two assignments in particular that I enjoyed were the diptych and triptych shoot as well as the night photography shoot. My diptych and triptych photographs were all taken in Glamis, CA because my family and I were going on a trip there that weekend. I found it really fun trying to find images that connected in some way to each other. My triptych images were of various patterns that are in the desert. It forced me to step out of my usual “photographer brain” of pointing and shooting an image and instead made me think outside of the box. My diptych wasn’t as creative, in my opinion, it was an obvious comparison between the dune buggy and the tire. Overall, I am really proud of my work from this assignment and I loved pushing myself. Another one of my favorite assignments was the night photography shoot. When I started taking photos and constantly changing my ISO and shutter speed it took me about 30 minutes to get the right setting in order to take clear photos. I was getting frustrated with myself during this assignment because I didn’t know what I wanted my subject to be. With the help of my fiance he came up with good ideas to help me. After finding the right settings to shoot with, it was a fun process playing with the shutter speed and lighting at night. It quickly became one of my favorites because this was the assignment that helped me understand how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture actually work together. It made me like shooting in manual mode because I understood now the awesome images that can come from knowing how your camera works! My least favorite assignment was the pictorialism project. For some reason I couldn’t get into this assignment creatively. I was not pushing myself and I ended up taking photographs of flowers and palm trees. I am not happy with my work on this assignment because it was hard for me to understand in photoshop how to create an image that looks like pictorialism. I felt like I didn’t put my 100% effort into this assignment only because I wasn’t fully understanding it.

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