• texture, patterns, asymmetry, symmetry, leading lines, silhouette, bird’s eye view, worm eye view, framing, rule of thirds, contrasting and harmonious colors, spot color
  • DSLR: digital single lense reflex. Has a 45 degree angled mirror that light bounces off of to snap an image.
  • Manual, apature, and progressive
  • Apature: The higher the apature/ f-stop, the more light, the lower the apature/ f-stop, the less light gets let in.
  • Shutter speed: The speed that the lense opens and closes. the longer the shutter is open for the blurrier the image. The quicker the shutter speed means that you can freeze a moment such as an action shot.
  • Tools: Crop, spot correction, red-eye, radial, adjustment brush, graduate.
  • Metadata
  • Artificial light is created by led bulbs or any light that isn’t naturally made (by the sun). Natural light comes from the sun or clouds (nature).
  • Rambrant, Broad, split, butterfly, and short
  • Robert Maplethorp was a very controversial artist. During the 80’s his art/photography was looked down upon because back then images with nude body parts that he had portrayed them as wasn’t well known as art. Pornography is the sexual act between two people and Robert’s art even though sometimes perceived as sexual I believe was art. He took the human body and tried to make it into art and he definitely pushed the boundaries of photography. Although many people didn’t approve of his work, he didn’t care he kept pushing through and is now a well know artist within the photography community.
  • To compare random people on the streets. He would gather an old short woman, and a homeless tall man to stand besides one another to try and shoe the diversity of New York.

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